The Fortis mini chargers are designed for charging traction batteries used in electric forklift trucks or handling and cleaning technology. They are suitable for charging lead-acid batteries with liquid electrolyte as well as gel or AGM batteries.

FORTIS mini charges batteries with nominal voltage of 12V or 24V (depending on the type), the nominal charging current is 20A – 40A – 60A. The charger allows the user to adjust the charging current by selecting the battery capacity. The main charging current is limited to 20A per 100Ah of the selected capacity or reaches the maximum current of the charger. The charger is designed for cyclic charging of traction batteries, it can operate continuously. Cooling is provided by fans inside the charger.

FORTIS mini chargers use inverters with high frequency switching via MOSFETs. The load is controlled by a microprocessor control system. Important charging states are indicated by LEDs on the front panel. Depending on the size, the chargers are integrated in three types of cabinets: S, M and L.

  • 12V and 24V versions
  • For a battery with a capacity of 65Ah to 620Ah
  • Charging time of 7 to 12 hours for standard batteries, 8 to 14 hours for gel batteries
  • Easy one-button adjustment of battery capacity and charging curve
  • LED indication of charging phase