The VOLTIS battery charger is an adjustable power supply with current limiting. It is suitable for use in electroplating for the regeneration and maintenance of batteries of any type. It is used as a power supply for on-board systems, e.g. in rail vehicles, or as a high-frequency charger for starter batteries.

  • Characteristic IU or IUa
  • Regeneration (desulfation, equalization) of traction and stationary batteries
  • Formatting of new batteries
  • Adjustable power supply for electroplating and electrochemistry
  • High-frequency charger, modular construction
  • Universal-for all battery types
  • Colorful graphic display
  • Manual parameter setting via the front panel
  • Wide range of settings: 0 – Imax, 0 – Umax (depending on type)
  • Possibility of shutdown after the preset time has elapsed
  • Possibility of shutdown after delivery of preset Ahs
  • Possibility of operation without time limits
  • Remote control option (on/off)
  • Remote signaling (optical, potential-free)