The FLEXIS chargers are designed for industrial use, mainly for charging deep-cycle traction batteries (Lead-Acid, GEL, LiFePo4, Lithium) for electric vehicles. The chargers are intended for charging batteries with Unom 12V-96V and 25A current. (Chargers of other power ratings on request). The chargers are of modular construction, consisting of a control unit and power module(s) (input 1ph 230VAC, 3ph 400VAC or 3ph 480VAC). Important operating data is displayed on the screen during charging. The chargers are fully programmable, the parameters of the individual charge cycles are saved in the charge file.

FLEXIS is a fully programmable, high-frequency traction battery charger. The optimized charging technology extends battery life, accelerates charging and saves energy. The FLEXIS charger meets the stringent requirements of three-shift service in industrial areas.

  • ARB load curve for automatic recognition of a battery’s angle of charge.
  • Special charging curve for lithium batteries
  • Opportunity charging: way of charging the battery during a rest time.
  • Easy to use: parameter setting via control panel or PC
  • Efficiency up to 95%, power factor cos φ ~1
  • Active PFC and soft start
  • Verification of connected battery
  • High resistance to network disturbances
  • Galvanically separated network – output
  • High stability of output parameters
  • Possibility to configure customized load curves
  • Memory for load cycles
  • Regeneration charge: desulfation and equalization
  • Possibility to use one charger for more different batteries by manual selection
  • Very high reliability
  • Short-circuit proof output
  • Saves operating costs
  • Modular system
  • Preset load