Our services

We offer a wide range of services: traction battery rental, consulting, reconditioned batteries, training, maintenance and repair, used battery collection and charging room projects

Maintenance and repair

Corrective maintenance contract and Preventive maintenance contract


Analysis of the battery and charger fleet to achieve maximum energy efficiency with the best charging process


Report on the precise conditions to improve the condition of your batteries and avoid their replacement.
Courses for the company’s personnel and/or sales department

Reconditioned batteries

Batteries recycled to 70-75% of capacity, delivered with reports of the work performed in the recovery process



Delivery / Pickup

Rental of traction batteries

Our range of traction battery rentals includes:

– Short-term rental

– Long-term rental

– Rental with option to buy*.

All rental contracts include maintenance service.

*The lease-purchase option means ownership of the property at the end of the rental period; ask for details.

Collection of used batteries

Collection of used batteries in Spain

– Removal of batteries by an authorized manager
– Battery subscription collected






Delivery / Pickup

Loading rooms

Charging room projects for traction batteries

– Battery and charger fleet management

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