The FLEXIS P high frequency charger with IP54 protection is designed for dusty rooms, wet areas and is also suitable for outdoor use. FLEXIS P is used in mines, railway applications, steel mills, metallurgical plants and other areas where environmental influences need to be dealt with.

The charger case is designed to hang on the wall or can be equipped with a stand. Cooling is provided by fans at the top of the charger. The intake and exhaust openings are equipped with splash and dust resistant filters. All features and parameters are identical to the FLEXIS charger.

  • ARB load curve for automatic recognition of a battery’s charging angle
  • Special charging curve for lithium batteries
  • Opportunity charging: way of charging the battery during a rest time.
  • IP54-rated enclosure resistant to water and dust splashes
  • Possibility of air-conditioned cabinet – for use at high temperatures
  • Possibility of stainless steel charger case
  • For all battery types: selection of the charging curve
  • For different capacities: adjustment of the charging current
  • For batteries from 2 to 96 V – adjustable via panel or configuration software
  • Flexible modular system – easy service
  • Parameter settings on the front panel of the loader or from a PC
  • Memory for charging cycles, detailed information on the last charging cycle
  • Operating temperatures from -10ºC to + 40ºC, with air-conditioned enclosure from -30ºC to + 60ºC.
  • Regenerative battery care: desulfation (removal of sulfates from the battery by low-current charging for long periods of time) and equalization (charging to balance the voltage and electrolyte density of individual battery cells)
  • Maintenance charge (total unused battery capacity)