TAKE THIS AXIMA POWER, ensures the cyclic rotation of batteries in a group. The application ensures optimal uniformity of all batteries in the charging station, their regular rotation in material handling vehicles, optimizing their number. The system determines the most suitable battery for use by measuring the time from the end of charging of each battery in the group.

The charged battery selection system consists of FLEXIS chargers and a device with an intelligent application that monitors the status of each charger and controls the signal lights. The chargers and the device are connected via data cables to the network.

The battery charged for the longest time is indicated to the operator by the green LED on the charger housing and the charge position number on the control system display. After disconnecting the indicated battery, the next battery with the longest time since the end of charging is offered for removal. If the battery is removed incorrectly, out of service, the system will emit an audible warning.

  • TAKE THIS determines which ready-to-use battery is most suitable for you.
  • Clearly and transparently marks the correct charging position with a charged battery.
  • Ensures equitable battery usage to optimize battery performance.